Garden Guide and Monthly Ideas

Ahh, October…the most beautiful month!

The garden springs to life

It’s a wondrous time in the garden! Everything is in bloom or about to burst into colour, fruit trees are producing fruits and blossoms, and the beneficial insects are feasting on the spoils of pollen!

October is traditionally Rose Month. Yours roses should be in full bud now and ready to burst into colour. Water them twice a week , if there is no rain, and remove faded flowers. Fertilise monthly with a balanced rose food to promote healthy foliage and more flowers. Spray fortnightly with an organic fungicide/insecticide ‘cocktail’ or a ready-mixed product. If you don’t own a rose bush, now is the time to plant one, even if it’s a pot rose for your sunny patio or balcony.

Plant Ranch stock a dazzling range of roses.

Adding beautiful colour: To ensure that your summer garden is full of flowers and bursts of colour – now is the time to sow seeds and plant seedlings.

Easy flowers to grow from seeds include alyssum, asters, celosia, cosmos, lobelia marigolds, nasturtiums, zinnias and sunflowers. Summer seedlings to plant now include impatiens, begonias, bedding dahlias, dianthus, gazanias, petunias, salvias and verbena.

Feed all Hydrangeas now with a suitable Hydrangea food to ensure a stunning show for Christmas.

Also, to keep your summer-flowering shrubs such as, hibiscus and fuchsias in good form, it is a good time to fertilise them now with 3:1:5 of 5:1:5 fertiliser. Be sure to prune back any spring-flowering shrubs that have faded, and you can also fertilise these, such as camellias and azaleas, with 5:1:5 or 3:1:5 to keep them looking their best.

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